I offer Person-Centered Counselling, which means that I place a high value on getting to know you and drawing from a range of approaches to suit your individual needs and personal situation.

At the core of the counselling therapy I offer is an approach that gives you time, is secure, confidential and non-judgemental. The counselling terms used are ‘Person-Centred’ and ‘Integrative’ – which means that I place a high value on the quality of relationship built with each individual client and draw from a range of approaches to suit each client.

As a counsellor, I offer a safe and compassionate space for you to express and explore your unique experiences and relationships of life. These can be current or recent but may also be from many years ago – if it still impacts your life today, it matters.

As you experience being heard with empathy, patience, dignity and sensitivity you are able to view things more clearly and make choices about the way in which you view yourself, and how you respond to the people around you or the circumstances you face.

The issues and aspects of life which you may wish to explore in the context of counselling include:

  • Relationship issues – with partners, parents, siblings, children, friends
  • Family Life – family breakdown, divorce, separation, conflict, special needs such as Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, family transition points
  • Bereavement – including miscarriage
  • Personal issues – self-esteem, sadness, anxiety, stress, panic, anger, depression
  • Times of change – career changes, choices, unemployment, redundancy
  • Chronic health – cancer, dealing with terminal illness, being a carer, life-style issues

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